Tea Time for Baby

This project was so much fun. The sweet little teapot motif evolved into a darling onesie (yes, in this case darling is appropriate) and complementary sundress. The dress pattern in particular is one of my favorite flowers from my mothers garden called Silver Dollars. I swear I could design a set of 24 socks. There are so many sweet little tea time things. I’ll have to expand it to cupcakes and scones next. If I still had babies I would certainly dress them in these. This is a happy day in the studio. Many thanks to Lilla Rogers and Make Art that Sells for all your advice and inspiration.

Whirli-gig Pattern
I’m teaching myself surface design! These sweet little whirli-gig patterns where inspired by the cool windy gray days of NW winters. Not much is in bloom yet, but these little guys are spinning like crazy cakes in the forest near my studio. They are a fun way to anticipate the coming of spring. These designs can easily translate to baby clothing, nursery decor, tea towels, gift wrap and wallpaper. Fun!

Info Graphics
I just completed a series of 48 info graphics for a client in education. Part of the requirements were to make each one scaleable for mobile and pinnable for social media. 16 illustrations became a total of 48 highly useful images to promote lasting brand awareness and the client is very happy. Yay!